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What happens when you cross a choir nerd with a dead fashionista? A makeover from hell, and a Beverly Hills murder mystery going nowhere good…Except maybe the mall.

SARI COOGAN is a lonely nerd from New Jersey. She loves chess, lives for choir, and worse - she has a uni-brow. But after a popular girl's prank almost kills her, Sari can suddenly see ghosts. Her social-climbing parents use the money from Sari’s “accident” to move into a Beverly Hills mansion on the cheap after a teen socialite drowned in the pool . . .

Sari can’t wait to start over in their new home – that is, until she finds the ghost haunting her closet: MISSY PALMER, a hotel heiress who's disgusted by Sari’s lack of fashion sense. Oh, and the fact that no one's looking for her killer after her death was ruled an accident.

After going poltergeist on Sari and her room (did those Barbies really deserve that?) Sari agrees to help Missy find her killer, so long as she promises to leave her alone forever.

The plan? First, Sari must go through a make-over from hell. Then, she must get in with the children of the rich and famous at Beverly Hills Senior High – the main suspects in Missy’s murder.

But Missy's old clique, “The Fashionistas”, could not be more different from Sari. LAYLA is an actual Arabian princess with her own security detail, TAYLOR is the child of a famous actress and a movie producer, and HALEY is…an uber rich airhead who thinks Jersey is in the Midwest.

Surviving Beverly Hills Senior High won't be easy for Sari - especially when she thinks “Chanel” is pronounced, “channel.” It’s not long before Sari makes some powerful enemies, including a pair of psychotic British billionairesses known as “The BBCs.” Sari quickly realizes that almost everyone in Beverly Hills had a motive to kill Missy. And if Sari can’t figure out WHO killed Missy Palmer – and soon – she just might become the next MISS BEVERLY HILLS GHOST …