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Best of Bev Hills: Cupcakes
Searching for killer cupcakes? Look no further, sweet cheeks – check out these decadent treats: just like Haley the fashionista, these cupcakes are sweet, dense, and very rich!
Ouija board
Ever wonder if the rumors of spooky powers surrounding Ouija boards are real? Read these true stories and decide for yourself!
Marilyn Monroe has a better social life in death than many of us do in life. This quintessential femme fatale has been spotted all over LA – from her gravesite to the bungalow where she died to the hot party spot Roosevelt Hotel where she used to kick it with her bffs.
Celebrity Psychics
These famous celebrity psychics have legions of followers. Some are considered the “real deal” while others have come under criticism and claims of fraud.
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MARILYN MONROE   Hollywood is a hotbed of hauntings. This glam party town is not only a playground...
Keeping Up with the Foxes: the Kardashians of the 19th century
Every generation has its It Girls – and the Victorian era was no exception. The Fox sisters were a trio of celebrity sisters famous for connecting with the spirit world by “rapping” on their cabin wall.
Famous Heiresses: Living & Dead Part 1
Rich, Beautiful, and Strange… check out these two heiresses whose lives were anything but ordinary. Would you want all that money, if it meant trading places with one of these women?
Celebrity Ghost Sightings
Apparently, even ghosts like to follow their favorite celebs. Read on for stories of real-life celebrity hauntings.