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The Dark Origins of Santa: St Nick and the French Cannibal Le Père Fouettard

The dark story of St. Nick has us screaming too! Read on about this gory Christmas story and the demented Frenchman that started it all!

Yule Cat: the Giant Man-Eating Monster

It’s Christmas time, and Yule Cat is on the prowl! Sound cute? Think again…

Hans Trapp: The Christmas Boogeyman of France

Based on a real German knight, this scarecrow-like monster sold his soul to the devil and now terrifies children every Christmas.

Meet Grýla, the Giant Icelandic Christmas Witch

Grýla doesn't care if you're naughty or nice. She'll take you if she finds you...

Read on to learn more about this terrifying ancient being.

Weird Christmas Traditions: Spain’s Caganer & Caga Tió

These poo-related traditions are an important part of celebrating Christmas in Spain's Catalan region.

Even if they may seem a little unsanitary to outsiders...

Beware! Krampus Comes December 5th

Been naughty this year? Better watch out, ‘cause Krampus is coming to town… 

Read all about this horned German legend and one of our favorite Christmas horror movies.

Fall Makeup Ideas

The perf looks to apply by a warm fire before braving the cold!

Bizarre Celeb Death: Gary Devore

Was this a regular car crash or a creepy af government conspiracy?

Movie Curses: Atuk

Is it bad luck or is this movie truly cursed?

Halloween Vacation Ideas

Missing Halloween already? Us too - we can't wait to go to these spooky places next year!

Women in Horror: Marianne Maddalena

You'll scream with glee when you learn more about this woman in horror!

Holding a Séance

Get ready for a spooky slumber party with guests from the beyond!

Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Last minute Halloween bash? No problem! Just dab on some cute and creepy makeup for a complete costume!

Murder or Suicide: Rebecca "Bex" Coriam

Does Disney know more about this cruise worker's dissapearance than they're letting on?

Bizzare Celeb Death: Brittany Murphy

In our bizarre celeb death series, we're thinking Brittany Murphy's death may the weirdest yet!

Bizarre Celeb Death: William Desmond Taylor Part 2

So, who do you think silenced this silent film director?

Bizarre Celeb Death: William Desmond Taylor

Who shot William Desmond Taylor in his apartment nearly 100 years ago? Can you crack the case?

Accident or Murder: Elisa Lam

What really happened to this Canadian student when she stayed at the infamous Hotel Cecil??

Women in Horror: Debra Hill

If you love horror and don't know who Debra Hill is, then you NEED to read this!

Bizarre Celeb Death: Natalie Wood

Did this glamorous gal die by accident or not??

Summer Fashion Trends We Love

Time to revamp your closet with these trends that we are sooo obsessed with!

Accident or Murder: Michelle Von Emster

What really happened to this San Diego gal? Was it a tragic accident or something way worse?

Recreate Our Fave Celeb Looks

Get red carpet ready with these tips on how to look like some of our fave celebs!

Horror Films Directed by Women Part 2

Check out these films directed by badass women that def scared the crap out of us!

Screenwriting Tips From Some of our Favorite Women Filmmakers

Top tips to take to heart! Also, read on to learn why this image of a water slide makes sense...

Colorado Street Bridge: Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge

Pasadena might be sunny and charming, but the bridges for getting around cast a major shadow...

Horror Films Directed by Women

Check out some of our favorite creepy and spooky horror flicks directed by women!

Haunted Areas on the RMS Queen Mary

Feeling brave? Or just plain crazy? Then take a tour of this super haunted ship!

Demons at Dodger Stadium?

There are some seriously angry spirits lurking around LA's iconic Dodger Stadium!

Celebrity Ghosts at the Hollywood Roosevelt

Interested in meeting glam celebs? You may find a few ghostly ones at the Hollywood Roosevelt!

7 Film Shoot Phrases You Need to Know

Film and production phrases you'll want to have on lockdown before your first project.

Ready, Set, On-Set!

How to keep your set functional, thriving, and joyful!

Business of Storytelling: How to Safeguard Your Script

Business of Storytelling is a new blog series sharing our tips, tricks, and lols around the ins-and-outs of the film industry! This week we are chatting script protection.

Celeb Spirits at Chateau Marmont

Glitz, glam, and like, legit ghosts. Chateau Marmont has 'em all!

Griffith Park GHOSTS

This destination hiking spot is known for its celeb-spotting, views of the Hollywood sign, and...the undead?!

A Ghostly Good Sushi Joint

This Hollywood hills hotspot is known for killer good sushi... and the undead!

Beverly Hills Triangle

Everyone knows the Bermuda Triangle, but have have you heard of the Beverly Hills Triangle? It’s a small residential area known for being what you might call unlucky...

Haunted Sign of Hollywood

The Hollywood sign, which used to read “Hollywoodland” until 1946, sits in the heart of the city. It is Iconic. Most, however, don’t know, it is also haunted. Haunted by the ghost of a failed actress of the 1930’s. Typical.

The Dark Origins of Santa: St Nick and the French Cannibal Le Père Fouettard
Yule Cat: the Giant Man-Eating Monster
Hans Trapp: The Christmas Boogeyman of France
Meet Grýla, the Giant Icelandic Christmas Witch
Weird Christmas Traditions: Spain’s Caganer & Caga Tió