Meet The Cast


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Missy is a dead fashionista with a score to settle. She haunts the beloved closet where her designer clothes used to hang, wishing for a second chance at life – or at least a chance to change her outfit.  In life, she was a hotel heiress who ruled Beverly Hills Senior High.  Or so she thought until someone murdered her at her OWN party.  She’s lost everything since becoming a ghost. Her family, her fortune, her boyfriend Aidan, her Chanel shoes.  And now the only person who can see her is a nerd. But with Missy’s makeover skills, she might just have a chance at getting Sari into her old clique, and finding out who in Bev Hills had the nerve to kill her…  


Sari has always been the dork that popular girls make fun of.  To be honest, her unibrow and chess trophies made her an easy target.  She loves music and had a beautiful voice.  That is, until a choir prank landed her in a coma for 3 months.  Since her near death experience, Sari has been able to see ghosts. Sari couldn’t be more different than the fashionista ghost Missy, who’s as glam in death as she was in life.  But to help solve Missy’s murder, Sari has to be fashionable enough to get in with the rich and famous of Bev Hills – no easy task for someone who thinks Gucci is a cheese. But even if Sari hates to admit it, it’s fun hanging with the popular girls for once… Sure she can barely stand them sometimes, but at least their home movie theaters are nice.


Taylor is always stealing the spotlight. It comes naturally when your mom is an international pop-star and your dad is a filthy rich movie producer, even if the paparazzi can get kind of annoying sometimes. Taylor seems to have it all – an Aston Martin, a mansion with a salon and movie theater, and every designer bag you could ever wish for (have you seen her closet?) She even has her own sushi chef!  But it’s not easy being the new head of the fashionistas clique at Beverly Hills Senior High – especially after their leader Missy Palmer died. Taylor misses her bestie Missy, but will just have to go on and do her best to fill Missy’s designer shoes…


If you’ve ever suffered the disappointment and humiliation of getting a Land Rover for your birthday instead of the Aston Martin Vantage your Dad promised, Ryan can definitely relate.  Taylor’s hot cousin just returned after a year of living abroad in Asia and is definitely crushing on the new girl Sari – just don’t tell Haley… she’s been totally smitten ever since she and Ryan hooked up the year before.


Aidan is a member of the band Déjà vu and was Missy’s boyfriend when she was alive. He’s a passionate songwriter and bassist, but he can be moody and has a temper. Kind of goes with the territory when you’re a musician. But he’s hot and super sweet. Too bad he’s still so upset about Missy… Girls hit on him, but he’s not taking the bait, as in, he’s still off the market. Total waste. Everyone seems to think it’s just a matter of time before he and Missy’s bestie Taylor hook up. But since Aidan can’t stop moping over how he fought with Missy the night she died, he probs won’t be dating anytime soon. Especially with Missy going poltergeist on his groupies…


Haley loves fashion and the Bev Hills lifestyle, but is too much of an airhead to know where Beverly Hills is on a map. The only thing she loves more than her fave Louboutins is Taylor, her bestie now that Missy is gone...But the rest of High school is just whatevs for this fashionista. She just doesn’t get why try-hards like Layla talk about college apps all the time. Everyone knows you can just buy your way into college, right? The real challenge is finding the right shoes to go with the right bag. Now that takes talent and dedication.


Justin lives for his music and his band Déjà vu. He’s the lead guitarist, and writes all the songs with his best friend Aidan. His girlfriend Layla’s connections in the music industry have helped him get some big meetings, but they’re still not on the radio yet. Even if he has the looks and talent to make it. The band has hit some hard times recently–first losing a lead singer and then Aidan grieving over his girlfriend Missy’s death. Even if he can get a little passionate about his band, he’s always a gentleman. And he’s not like the other guys in Bev Hills–especially since designer jeans aren’t really his thing


Victoria is a BBC (Billionaire British Chick) and ruthless to everyone except herbestie Xandra. When it comes to Beverly Hills Senior High, Victoria’s not competing with the fashionistas for power because she knows the BBCs have already won. After all, who even cares what high-schoolers think of you when you’re partying on celebrities’ yachts all weekend? But when Sari tries to talk back to the hottest billionairesses in town, Victoria just can’t handle that kind of insolence from a New Jersey peasant. Now she’ll do anything to put Sari where she belongs–at the bottom of the Bev Hills food chain.


Layla is a total princess. No, actually - her dad’s an Arabian sheik and has the royal title and billions to prove it. And no one in her family has a driver's license even though they live in LA. With a fleet of cars and a 24-hour chauffeur on the staff, what's the point? With that much wealth, Layla needs her own security detail, and a scary bodyguard follows her everywhere she goes. But Layla's super sweet and surprisingly down to earth. She wants to change the world for the better, and get into an Ivy on her own merits. Sometimes she can’t hide her spoiled side though, no matter how hard she tries to not act like a princess. And don't even think about flirting with her boyfriend Justin, or she'll go for your jugular. Or at least her bodyguard will


Devon is the drummer for Déjà vu and Xandra's boyfriend–though he wishes he wasnt sometimes. But deep down - really deep down - he loves her and is wrapped around her little bejeweled finger. He’s loyal to the end to her, and second to his band. He’s not super broken up about Missy being gone. Atleast now there's no one to ruin the band’s audition opportunities, but he does feel bad for Aidan. Devon couldn’t imagine like without his girlfriend, even if he kinda wants to kill her sometimes.


Xandra is a BBC (Billionaire British Chick) you never want to cross. Chances are she eats plebeians like you for breakfast. Beautiful, rich, bossy–and hell-bent on taking her rightful spot as the lead singer of Déjà vu. Her boyfriend Devon is the drummer, and totally wrapped around her finger. With training from Selena Gomez’s voice coach, it’s basically a done deal - even if guitarist Justin insists on having try-outs. Sometimes life can be hard for a billionairess, but Xandra always gets what she wants, sooner or late


Layla’s bodyguard Mustafa wouldn’t say he’s anti-social, really–he just doesn’t like people. And he takes his 24/7 job as her personal bodyguard seriously...very seriously. So if you try to take her photograph without permission, or even just block her path at Bev Hills Senior High when she’s trying to get to her next class, he will promptly remedy the situation. So consider yourself warned. Oh, and he likes to sit in the séance circle like one of the girls during sleepovers, so make room.


For Stacy the chess club nerd, life is just one big chessboard. After all, it helps her hone her math skills and consider all the right moves, such as whether to wear her hair down or in pig tails. And while her best friend Carlos is the only guy who seems to understand her, she hopes her passion for the game will one day allow her to capture the king of her dreams and thus land her a "check-mate."


For this righteous dude, life in Bev Hills is bliss. He loves chilling, So Cal style. When he’s not catching double overhead swell with his brahs or hitting on the local nectar, he listens to his favorite bands like the dudes of Déjà vu shredding luscious gnarcakes on the guitar. Sometimes drama harshes his mellow, but he never fails to ride it out like just another righteous wave.


Brandon is the man. It’s not easy managing a band on the brink of greatness like Déjà vu, but he gets it done. He’s a straight-shooter and always says how he feels, but rarely talks behind anyone’s backs. He’s loyal to his friend Aidan, and doesn’t know how to help him deal with Missy’s death. He’s dedicated to the success of the band, but his friends always come first.


Ruth is Sari’s tacky Mom who dreams of Oscar invites and rubbing elbows with the stars. While she can sometimes pull off the part of a Beverly Hills housewife, she’s not fooling anyone. The minute she opens her mouth, when she’s not putting her foot in it, her daydreams and schemes of Hollywood social climbing spill out in that thick Jersey accent like sludge from a refinery. And there’s no way to disguise it with makeup or to dye or liposuction that away


If you’ve ever met a big funny guy who seems like he just walked out of a cartoon, you might have met Sari’s dad, Bernie. He’s a good natured chum who’s got Sari’s back, but it doesn’t take long to figure out he was never one of the cool kids.


Taylor’s wealthy producer Dad is a total creeper. An avid art collector, he doesn’t put up with fakes...although girlfriends are another story. Of course he does occasionally spend time with his daughter–that is, when he’s not too busy working on the next big movie deal or playing role of Hollywood playboy.