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7 Film Shoot Phrases You Need to Know

7 Film Shoot Phrases You Need to Know

Whether it’s your first PA gig on a film or you’re a seasoned pro, film sets can be an intimidating place. One way to feel instantly more confident no matter what role you play in bringing a script to life is making sure to bring your on-set vocab A game! Grab a pen and paper (or just screenshot this blog post...) and prepare to be a film lingo pro in no time.

You’ll definitely hear some of these phrases constantly on set while others might seem more obscure, but we promise you’ll be thankful you know them all!

1. 100/10 and/or 10/1

This means… you need to use the bathroom. Why? Who knows! But, this is standard film etiquette and more polite to say over walkies than “I have to pee!”

2. Hot Set

No, this has nothing to do with the temperature of the set. A hot set is a set that you don’t want to touch or tweak in any way to maintain continuity in the shoot even if you take a break from it. Continuity can make or break a film’s overall aesthetic and professional polish, so be mindful before you go to pick up any “trash” strewn about…

3. Martini Shot

Ugh, we wish hearing this meant free martinis! That said, this is still a happy announcement, as the “martini shot” is the last shot of the day. Cheers to that!

4. Hot Brick

Similar to a hot set, this has nothing to do with a temperature-hot brick! This just means a fully charged walkie talkie...something that is very useful to start the shoot day with!

5. Craft Service

Sadly, this is not a service that magically appears with crafts to do! But, it is essential and equally joy-inducing. Craft services = the catering on set and fingers crossed yours is yummy!

6. Champagne Roll

This phrase is in fact often tied to actually getting a glass of champagne! It’s tradition that, at 100 film rolls (or hard drive downloads!), crew and actors alike all share a celebratory glass of champagne.

7. Wrap

To end the crazy journey that is a film shoot, you’ll hear, “That’s a wrap!” Aka, we’re done here and it’s time for post.

Did we miss any words? What other obvious or unconventional phrases would you include? Tell us on Instagram @MissDirectionEntertainment!