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Upcoming Projects

Miss Plus Size combines the fashion satire of Zoolander, the physical comedy of Melissa McCarthy in Spy, and the cattiness of America’s Next Top Model in a comedy that is BIGGER than any high-end fashion size.
At just 17, Nicole Azure was fashion’s new mega star – and more glamorous than Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, and all of the Victoria’s Secret models put together. But when a jealous rival gives Nicole an over-dose of Ex-lax at the hottest fashion show of the season – aired live on TV – Nicole’s sudden intestinal cleanse all over the runway ruins her career, seemingly forever…
Evicted from her high-end apartment and homeless (but still as glam as ever – bag ladies look better with Vuitton), Nicole collapses in a magazine lobby when a genuine but abused assistant Gary takes pity on her. He invites her to stay with him and his quirky roommate Liza while Nicole tries to get back on her feet, and even helps her get into a couple low-end photo shoots.
When Nicole sees a plus size model get hired over her, she’s livid that someone that fat could beat her. So her roommate makes Nicole the newest must-have fashion accessory: A FAT SUIT. Despite Nicole’s lifelong hatred of calories and fat, she’s desperate. Nicole tries on the suit and gets her first shoot in years!
But Nicole has a rough road to the top even in her new skin. She has to face off with other plus size models, old rivals, and a magazine CEO intent on ending the plus size movement so people hate themselves as much as she does. As Nicole becomes more famous for her pro-body image shoots and fans everywhere increasingly love her message, Nicole struggles with her own anorexia. Keeping her fat suit a secret gets harder and harder, and Nicole tries to figure out a way to keep her fame and lose the fat suit before her secret gets out.
Complicating things is her ever-increasing attraction to fashion photographer Reed, who seems to be falling for her, curves and all. But part of her has doubts – what guy could ever like her when she’s not a size zero – unless he’s just using her to get ahead in his career?
The story all comes to a head in a runway reality show where Nicole has to go up against all her enemies on live TV. Will she repeat her tragic mistakes of the past? What will the world do if she shows them her beloved plus size body is really a fake? Will Nicole sell her soul to become America’s next BIGGEST star? Wait to see in 2017!

1001 Arcadian Nights is a series of horror stories, echoing Twilight Zone and Are You Afraid of the Dark, but with a twist – the storyteller is trapped in a horror story of her own…
Wealthy serial killer Graham’s mother never told him enough bedtime stories as a child, and now he is obsessed with murder and twisted tales…the scarier, the better.
His reluctant ‘guest’ Emma tries her best to weave spellbinding tales for him – and he listens intently to her new short story “Her First Time.”
In Emma’s tale, Helena is obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Jake. After all, Helena’s chosen him to be her first. But when Helena invites him over to get something he desperately needs, their romantic dinner quickly takes a sinister turn.
Emma’s story is suspenseful, twisted, and bloody enough to peak Graham’s interest… But is it good enough to save her life for another night?

When an alien invasion means the end of the world – where will you be? Bunker Problems is a new comedy that combines the antics of This is the End with the apocalyptic suspense of Independence Day.
Clumsy but loveable Jake is trapped with his college roommates. Chi-Lin, a deadbeat who defies every stereotype about high-achieving Asian students; Topher, a jock who thinks he is God’s gift because he can chug six straight beers without puking; and Danny, a jumpy hypochondriac who was paranoid about the end of days even before the apocalyptic invasion.
And even worse, they’re trapped with Jake’s visiting grandpa Todd – a cranky veteran who insists on blaming Danny’s Chinese-American roommate Chi-Lin for Pearl Harbor, and still does not trust this so-called “interweb.”
Left to fend for themselves with NO internet, cell service, or electricity – these millennials have to figure out a way to survive. Eating without a microwave? Feeling depressed without their favorite cat videos to cheer them up? Arguing over a Google-able question when there is no Google? The chaos of the apocalypse only gets worse and worse…
But when two fellow survivors Melanie and Sarah join forces with them, and the college roommates start learning to listen to the Grandpa who can magically cook with fire– they begin to figure out what force is really behind the apocalypse beyond their dorm walls, and what they might be able to do about it….

Devil To Pay

Devil to Pay is a supernatural horror film that combines the supernatural elements of Mama with the suspense and mystery of The Ring.

Charming “trophy husband” Luke Dodd is married to Janice Kingston, the daughter of wealthy textile industry mogul Conrad Kingston, III. Their marriage – a relationship held together more by his guilt from having crippled his wife in a car accident years earlier and the fact they have a child together than any emotional connection – grows more tenuous by the day. To add to this stress, the family has recently been the brunt of unwanted media scrutiny due to rumors that Janice’s father may be involved in a human trafficking scandal involving his textile company. 
Despite Luke’s crumbling marriage and his father-in-law’s constant criticism and interference in his and Janice’s life – Luke is a loving father to their daughter, Audrey. But after someone gives Audrey an antique music box at her exclusive private school the day before her eighth birthday, strange things begin to happen, and Luke’s life starts to unravel. People in and connected to the family begin to die, seemingly from natural or self-inflicted causes, as Audrey acts out in increasingly disturbing ways… seeing things others can’t sense, writing on a school test in rhyming gibberish, and saying she has a new imaginary friend Monika, who visits her in her room, follows her to school – and does awful things. 
Luke soon wonders whether a stranger is after his daughter, or whether her odd behavior is an early warning sign of schizophrenia – a fear not unfounded due to the fact that Luke’s mother Sarah has been institutionalized for years with this affliction – or whether it is something even more sinister. 

Placing in the Academy’s renowned Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition in 2015, Maternal Instinct was one of only 5% of the scripts chosen by the Oscars organization.
Maternal Instinct is a psychological thriller that echoes films like Silence of the Lambs and The Ring – a new take on the serial killer genre by telling it from a mother’s perspective, weaving together family drama, disturbing violence, and visions of the dead.
Maternal Instinct asks all of us the question: how far would you go for someone you love unconditionally?
Religious, codependent mother Agatha Thatcher pushes the boundaries of her own morality when her sadistic teenage son Isaac begins to kill.  As a high school secretary motivated by her unconditional love for her son, Agatha helps Isaac kidnap a teenage girl from his class.  The girl matches his usual profile – black hair, blue eyes, pale skin – eerily similar-looking to the mother he resents….
After the girl’s disappearance, Isaac’s teacher Ms. Jones suspects Isaac due to his long history of disturbing comments at school.  But because the girl was from a poor family with a history of alcoholism, the cops – one of whom is Ms. Jones’s brother – dismiss the disappearance as just another runaway case in their dying small town.
But the guilt of killing begins to haunt Agatha, and she has visions of the girl’s ghost – following Agatha everywhere she goes. A deeply religious woman, Agatha prays for forgiveness – the only way she can cope with her overwhelming guilt….
Despite Agatha’s pleas, Isaac strikes again – this time taking the daughter of the richest family in town, Natalie. In a society that values some children’s lives over others – this disappearance shakes the small community, leading to a massive search for Natalie that reveals the bodies of Isaac’s previous victims.
As the investigation heats up, Agatha faces a choice that challenges every maternal instinct she knows, and drives her to the edge of insanity…

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