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Beware! Krampus Comes December 5th

Beware! Krampus Comes December 5th

Been naughty this year? Better watch out, ‘cause Krampus is coming to town… 

If it was just Santa, you might get stiffed on your presents and a lump of coal in your stocking. But in Germany, Austria and parts of Eastern Europe, the misbehaved only dream of getting off that easy…  

In these chilly Alpine regions, they say Santa’s sidekick – the dreaded Krampus, a half-goat, half-demon creature with monstrous horns – helps St. Nick with the task of punishing children who act up.  

This “Christmas Devil” begins coming around the evening of December 5th, known as Krampusnacht, the eve before Saint Nicholas Day. He’s accompanied by Saint Nick himself, who leaves candy in good children’s shoes and birch sticks in the bad.  

So if you wake up December 6th and find a twig in your shoe? You better run.  Like your hair’s on fire.  Because you’re in Krampus’ clutches now which are LARGE. (Fun fact: the word Krampus itself comes from the Germanic word krampen, which means claw.)

As for his methods? They say he comes back around throughout December, beating the naughty children with bundles of sticks and chains, and in some cases hauling them off in a sack to his lair and torturing or even eating them. And you thought spanking was bad…

Of course, like Santa Claus, Krampus isn’t supposed to be real. But that doesn’t keep people around the world from celebrating Krampus. Parades in Europe and in the US alike have been growing in popularity, especially since the horror-comedy movie Krampus came out in 2015 and increased awareness of the legend even more. So this December 5th, get naughty by celebrating Krampusnach kids!