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Celebrity Ghost Adult Encounters

Celebrity Ghost Adult Encounters

Talk about ghosts going poltergeist on you! While on her 2009 European tour, singer Miley Cyrus rented an apartment that she and other family members say turned out to be haunted. One night Miley heard her little sister Noah screaming. She rushed into the bathroom where her sister was taking a shower. Though Noah hadn’t touched the knob, someone – or something – had turned the water all the way up to hot, and it was scalding her skin. The next night in the same bathroom, Miley saw a little boy sitting on the sink, kicking his legs, watching her. The hauntings got so bad the family moved from the apartment into a hotel. 

If you think that sounds scary, pop star Ariana Grande says she’s encountered demons – more than once. On one occasion, she and some friends visited Stull cemetery in Kansas City, alleged to be one of the seven gateways to hell. When they reached the car, they felt an overpowering sense of negativity and a strong odor of sulphur, which is supposed to be a sign of demons, pervaded the air inside. A fly also appeared, as if out of nowhere – another sign of demons. Just before they left, Ariana took a picture on her phone that she says had three faces of demons in it. She deleted the picture the next day after trying to send it to her manager and receiving a message that the photo couldn’t be sent – as it contained 666 megabytes!

Some celebs, however, have all the luck – at least when it comes to ghosts. Pop singer Kesha claims to have had sex with a ghost while living at a flop house in Rural Canyon. She has described in interviews how a “weird energy” in the house would keep her up at night. Eventually, she says, the energy morphed into a dark being that began to have sex with her. Though she found him somewhat scary, she says that was part of the turn on, and the whole experience of having sex with a ghost inspired her to write the 2012 song, ‘Supernatural.” 

Kesha’s not the only one who says she’s had a sexy encounter with a ghost. Actress Lucy Liu says a ghost brought her to climax and then disappeared while she was napping on her couch back in the 1990s. 

And the late Anna Nicole Smith – whose own spirit has been spotted wandering the halls of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel where she died – also claimed to have sex on several occasions with a ghost in her Texas apartment. The apparition, she said, would crawl up her leg and have sex with her. She claims she thought it was her boyfriend until, on one occasion, she woke up and realized it wasn’t.