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Horror Films Directed by Women

Horror Films Directed by Women

At MissDirection Entertainment, we’re all about celebrating girl power in film. Our production company is owned and run by women (you can read our bios here!) and we write and direct films across genres that celebrate the lives and journeys of all kinds of women. For instance, our latest film, Beverly Hills Ghost, follows the friendship of nerdy Sari Coogan and recently deceased fashionista Missy Palmer as they try to hunt down Missy’s killer by infiltrating the popular crowd at Beverly Hills High. It’s a spooky murder mystery meets Mean Girls — what’s not to love?

In honor of the release of Beverly Hills Ghost, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our favorite horror films directed by women who fearlessly got behind the camera and scared the crap out of us!

1. The Babadook (2014) directed and written by Jennifer Kent

This movie of a widow and her son being haunted by a boogeyman called Mister Babadook totally freaked us out. But the Babadook’s signature top hat look? Not cute. That def needs to go.

2. Near Dark (1987) co-written and directed by Kathryn Bigelow

Twilight has nothing on this crazy Western vampire flick directed by Kathryn Bigelow who is, so far, the only woman who has won an Oscar for Best Director. Fingers crossed another lady wins soon!

3. Jennifer’s Body (2009) directed by Karyn Kusama

Ever gotten into a fight with your bestie and she’s acting so crazy it’s like she’s possessed? Then you may relate to this movie – except the protag is possessed by an actual demon. This film is also written by Diablo Cody who wrote the hilarious and smart Juno in 2007.

4. Raw (2017) directed and written by Julia Ducournau

This cannibal coming-of-age flick is so intense filmgoers have reportedly passed out or thrown up during intense scenes! If you have to watch this graphic movie through your fingers, that’s okay, we promise not to tell. Just try to watch it on an empty stomach.